Dive into Design: The Ultimate Architectural Tour
Dive into Design: The Ultimate Architectural Tour

Dive into Design: The Ultimate Architectural Tour

Discover our architectural highlights

Switzerland is not only about chalets! With renowned architects like Le Corbusier, Botta, Herzog, and De Meuron, Switzerland showcases world-class architectural wonders. Explore their urban concepts, admire stunning buildings, and traverse captivating bridges. Immerse yourself in an artistic journey where innovation and engineering intertwine to create a truly unique experience.

Wilsdorf Bridge

Build in the great honor of M. Wilsdorf.

Pont Hans Wilsdorf


Architectural office Brodbeck-Roulet SA

Financed by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation, owner of Rolex, this bridge made up of 1,400 tonnes of steel resting on concrete piers is made up of an elliptical structure measuring 85 meters and 8.5 meters high. It was built to withstand the currents of an exceptional flood of the Arve.




The WMO headquarters in Geneva is an architectural marvel, combining modern design with sustainable features. The building’s sleek lines and glass façade reflect its commitment to transparency and openness.  The guided tour will offer a unique opportuinity to see it from the inside and the roof-top’s view.


A modern and transparent building


Immerge in this brand new architectural project

Project : Les Hauts du Château

Geneva – Bellevue complex

Lombard Odier building, architect Herzog et de Meuron

In Bellevue, this is a complex and brand new buiding. Surrarounded by a magnificent park, the two buildings cohabit perfectly. Accommodating 300 dwellings for one and a building which will house the future headquarters of the Lombard Odier bank (2,600 workstations) for the other. 

Paul & Henri Carnal Hall


Architect Bernard Tschumi and execution by Fehlmann Architects

A Fehlmann Architects masterpiece. This 900-seat hall can host concerts as well as a wide range of cultural events thanks to its 183 m2 stage. A 227 m2 Blackbox can accommodate more intimate programs thanks to complete flexibility in the adaptation of the room.


Paul & Henri Hall

In honor of Paul & Henri Carnal, Swiss aviation innovators.

Rolex Learning Center

An architectural masterpiece used as a hub for learning, research, and innovation.

EPFL - Rolex Learning Center


SANAA Ltd Japan (Kazuyo Sejima et Ryue Nishizawa) in collaboration with Architram architecture et urbanisme SA

On a continuous surface of 20,000 m2, the building is extremely innovative, with gentle slopes and terraces undulating around interior “patios”. Not to mention the almost invisible pillars that support the curved roof, a structure that required new construction methods.

Grand Morillon - Kengo Kuma


Designed by the Kengo Kuma & Associates architectural firm, this residence is composed of two opposing bars connected by a walkway.

The residence’s metal facade is a remarkable architectural element. It is composed of sliding panels that allow for an open and bright facade. The interior spaces are also well-designed and functional. They are equipped with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Grand Morillon

An example of community-oriented and sustainable architecture

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