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The best tourism agents for unique experiences in Switzerland

The best tourism agents for unique experiences in Switzerland

Meet our Swiss Tourism Agents

We only have specialists! Swiss tourism specialists to be precise. Either with years of experiences in the tourisme sectore or born and raised in Switzerland or event the both, all our agents are highly qualified to provide you the best luxury tour in Switzerland.

Added to their efficiency, our agents like to have contacts with clients in order to prepeare the best trip. We would be happy if you contact us!

Operation team manager

Nathalie Freneau

Salut, Grüezi, Ciao, Allegra, Hello

I’m Nathalie and I have been working in the tourism industry selling Switzerland since 1988, a time where internet and the social networks didn’t exist and when selling Switzerland was much harder than now, but I am driven with the same passion and enthusiasm for the past 30 years! Switzerland is my country of heart and I love knowing that I will still discover new gems in this tiny country that mirrors all landscapes you can dream of, from spectacular mountains to breathtaking lakes, snow resorts to Mediterranean flora, urban and high-tech technology to traditional craftsmanship. Unique and multiple is the Switzerland I love!

I have lived in the US and in Japan and I’m familiar with the travel needs of many nationalities, but most importantly, I always think of my clients as if they were family members traveling for the first time in Switzerland and my biggest desire is to create – more than a trip – an experience that will make you, like me, fall in love with Switzerland and want to come back, again and again!

Marine Cruz

Operation Manager


Hello Cow-travelers!
I’m Marine, 10 years of experience in tourism and customer service.
After graduating from university in Switzerland, I lived in New Orleans for 1 year to improve my English, discover the US culture which is so important to me and travel across the country.


Back in Switzerland, I worked in the hospitality industry and then as a travel agent for all destinations around the world.

I’m happy to sell today Switzerland exclusively. As a rail specialist, I am proud to say that train is the best way to discover our beautiful country, its beautiful landscapes, fauna and flora here.

I love Switzerland as much in summer for hiking as in winter for skiing, the possibilities are endless. I would be delighted to share all my experiences with the future Cow-travels and select the activities that suit you the best. Let’s organise it!

Operation manager

Mélanie Caprotti


My name is Mélanie. Working in the tourism industry was an obvious choice for me. That’s why I studied tourism at university.

Travelling is my passion. I have had the opportunity to visit many countries and explore Switzerland, the country where I grew up and studied.

What I love most of Switzerland is its landscapes which vary greatly depending on the season, its multiculturalism, and its peacefulness. I particularly enjoy winter sports during the cold season, but my favourite moments are when I can swim in mountain lakes during the summer!

Today, I am happy to share my knowledge about my country, which is full of many wonders and amazing hidden gems.

So, ready to discover them?

Pierre Jaccard


Pierre Jaccard is the co-founder of the agency Au Tigre Vanillé and has been traveling in Asia for decades. He had created the ARTOU agency “tourist research assistance” in 1976 as well as the “Librairies du Voyageur” ​​in Geneva and Lausanne and the Institute of Oriental Studies.

Today, he remains involved in the company’s development strategy. In 2021, he has open Watch and Cow, to receive visitors FIT and small parties from the whole world to discover Switzerland in a confortable way.