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Luxury tours, visit Switzerland in the best conditions

Luxury tours, visit Switzerland in the best conditions

About Luxury Tours in Switzerland

From the arrival of your clients to their departure, your Swiss DMC Watch and Cow takes care of selecting the finest services. We maintain excellent relationships with our partners to benefit from the best services possible. Your clients will enjoy luxury tours in Switzerland unlike any other.

Train Tours

Did you know that traveling by train is as easy a ordering at drive-in. Not convinced? Check how Roger Federer and Trevor Noah are enjoying their train trip in Switzerland.

Sit back and relax

Switzerland benefits from one of the densest public transportation networks. You can rely on two cities from anywhere in Switzerland. Buses, trains, and boats are well deserved and connect easily.

In fact, Watch and Cow meticulously optimized the transportation experience between trains and boats to ensure you can fully savor the breathtaking views and reach hidden gems effortlessly.

Our seamless integration of car and train travel allows you to embrace the scenic beauty at its best while enjoying the convenience and comfort of both modes of transport. Relish every moment of the journey and discover access to hidden gems.
 In Switzerland, public transportation ar not only a transportation but more a captivating adventure that is an integral part of an enchanting experience.


  • A boat leaving the pear in direction to the moutains.

Luxurious Hotel

  • The entrance of a luxury hotel with a red carpet in the stairs

Hotels are one of the most important parts of luxury holydays. Fortunately, Switzerland benefits from a large range of offer with hight-standards accomodations.


We take pride in offering exclusive tours that feature only the finest hotels with 4 or 5-star ratings and exceptional standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every aspect of your client’s journey, including accommodation, is of the highest quality.


In any region of Switzerland we select the best hotels in therms of localisation, services, view and style.