Panoramic Train Tour of Switzerland, Luxury and Confort
Panoramic Train Tour of Switzerland, Luxury and Confort

Panoramic Train Tour of Switzerland, Luxury and Confort

Trans-Alpina, THE Swiss Train Tour

Breathing the fresh air, you feel your hair floating in the wind. Surrounded by silence you can barely hear an eagle crying. It is turning around, free, between two snow-covered peaks. The time is suspended. How regenerative it is to live the “Trans-Alpina” tour, THE Swiss Train Tour !

Before planning your visit to Switzerland, please take into consideration the fact that there are 3 International airports: Geneva, Zurich and Milano. To improve your trip through the Alps, an open jaw concept (arrival and departure to/from different airports) is often ideal. This avoids backtracking and save transportation to keep a maximum time for visiting.

By reading the different maps hereunder, you will find different itineraries that can be taken as models. We will then design your tour according to your specific requirements.

Famous peaks

Feel how it is to stand in a postcard!

Iconic view of Switzerland seated on the train

Set off on a captivating tour through the most scenic regions of Switzerland, unveiling awe-inspiring landscapes at every turn. From the sacred architecture of Sacro Monte Calvario to the majestic Aletsch Glacier (UNESCO) and the iconic Mont Cervin, each destination offers a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural heritage than can be connected by train.

Swiss Train Tour, but not only!

Ascend to Europe’s highest railway station, marvelling at the panoramic views. Traverse remote areas accessible only by train, as you meander through picturesque valleys and quaint villages. Experience the thrill of travelling on different modes of transport, including trains, cogwheel trains, post buses, steamboats, and cable cars, each offering a unique perspective of Switzerland’s diverse terrain. Breathe in the fresh mountain air while observing the harmonious mix of remarkable landscapes and transportation infrastructure that Switzerland has built over the centuries as cogwheel train like Jungfraujoch, Gornergrat, Glacier Express, Bernina Express and much more. We connected them in a whole tour to let you enjoy the Best Swiss Train Tour.

Fast and Veriginous

This is how Swiss cross mountains

3'463 Meter / 2.1 Miles

Enjoy the highest hot chocolate of your life at Jungfraujoch

Reaches Swiss Summits

Experience the awe-inspiring majestic Jungfraujoch, the world-famous Mont Cervin, the Diavolezza glacier world and the gorgeous Aiguille du Midi. Immerse yourself in the grandeur of high mountain landscapes, where pristine snow-capped peaks and sweeping vistas paint a picture of an unparalleled natural splendour.

3 regions, 3 languages only by train

By visiting Switzerland you visit 3 countries!
In Tessin, discover the Italian charm and cultural heritage. You will see Palm Trees in Lugano sway amidst a Mediterranean atmosphere right before exploring the Alpine beauty of the German-speaking regions like Gstaad and Mürren, infused with German influences. Delight in the French-speaking cities, including Montreux and Gruyère, where a blend of Swiss and French cultures creates a unique and enchanting ambience. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of languages, traditions, and landscapes that make Switzerland truly different.

Snow and Palm trees

Feeling at the beach and in the mountains at the same time.

Sweet or salty

Why choose when you can taste the world's best chocolate and cheese?

Swiss history and culture

Explore the renowned cheese factory of ‘Gruyère’ and indulge in the aromatic delights of the chocolate factory of ‘Cailler.’ Visit the heritage of the majestic Castle of Gruyère and delve into diverse cultural museums of your choice. For the sugary or salty lover, delve into the fascinating world of cheese-making and chocolate craftsmanship by visiting factories of Swiss Cheese and Swiss Chocolate.

Modular tour

Personalize your tour by including days in Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux, Lucerne, Interlaken  and regions.

Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux

Choose other major cities to visit.

Trans-Alpina I
The Alpine Trilogy Trip
From Milan to Geneva or vv, you will:
  • travel on 3 Panoramic Mountain Trains – Bernina Express, Glacier Express and Mont-Blanc Express
  • reach with cable car and cogwheel train 3 peaks – Diavolezza, Gornergrat and Aiguille du Midi.
  • visit 3 famous resorts – St Moritz, Zermatt and Chamonix
Tran-Alpina II
The slow crossing of the Alps

For many reasons, prefer to start from Geneva to reach Lucerne by paddle Steam boat, with the Golden Express panoramic mountain train, The Jungfraujoch Bahn, the Brienzer Rothorn by Steam train and the Stanserhorn by cable car with roof top. You can make stops in Lausanne, Montreux, Rougemont, Interlaken, Murren and Lucerne, before to croos the Alps via paddle steam boat and Gotthard Express to Lugano and Milan.

Trans-Alpina III
The quick crossing of the Alps
The quick crossing of the Alps
From Milan, you will explore the italian part of Switzerland – Lugano, Locarno area,
then take the Blue train through the Centovalli before to cross the Simplon tunnel to reach Zermatt. Other opportunity, to cross the Matterhorn chain between Celerina on Italian side up to Zermatt. Then you will reach the Jungfrau area before reaching Montreux by the Golden Express and Lausanne by Paddle Steamer boat.
Trans-Alpina IV
From Zurich to Geneva with the hotspots of the Alps in 7 days.
From Zurich airport, you reach directly Lucerne before to take the paddle Steam boat to cross the lake, then the Panoramic Gotthard Express to Lugano, the Bernina Express to St Moritz and the the Glacier Express to Brig and then Gstaad. With the Golden Express you arrive in Montreux, then to Lausanne with the paddle Steam boat along the Unesco Heritage vineyards of Lavaux. A wonderful itinerary to have an overview of the Italian area of Tessin, the beauty of traditional villages of Graubünden, the spectacular Berner Oberalps with Gstaad famous resort and the so unique Geneva lake area. A very good choice for trip of groups of newspaper Readers.

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