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FAQ: The Best DMC simplifies your luxury travel

FAQ: The Best DMC simplifies your luxury travel

FAQ for your Swiss DMC

At Watch and Cow, we want to be as clear as our water. This is why we collected all the commun question we receive as Swiss DMC in our belowed FAQ.

We hope it will help you to understand our organisation and way of working and it will inspire you for a future collaboration to organise luxury tailored made tour in Switzerland.

Once upon a time, in 2019, the whole world gets paralyzed. Tourists from around the world stopped to travel and the industry had to change and innovate. This is how Watch and Cow got created, to encourage Swiss people to visit Switzerland.
When time got better, the company decided to share Swiss incredible gems to the rest of the world. And from those days, many visitors came to visit this charming country and they left the country happily and ever after.

As Switzerland specialist, we only focus inside Switzerland’s borders (except from/to Milan and the french alps region)

We encourage our travelers to book their arrival and departure flights to/from different airports (Zurich, Milan, Geneva). This avoids “way-back” trip and seeing twice the same landscapes.

None of our proposals include flight tickets. For more flexibility we let the customer or the agency deal with it.

With Watch and Cow, you can be sure to visit exactly what you like to. However, our specialty is to suggest trip getting off beaten tracks, close to locals and traditions. Adventure and Wellness, Culture and History, Nature and Cities, we cover all type of activities wether for couples, families or small group of friends/colleagues.  

We only work with 5-star hotels. In certain circumstances, like the lac of 5 stars offers in a particular region, we also book 4 stars hotels and boutique hotels.


We are focusing on public transportation. In Switzerland the transportation offer has very high standards. When possible, we like to suggest public transportation in 1rst class. So, our travelers can relax in very comfortable and quiet train, bus or boat while enjoying the landscapes. When not possible, we have our own private cars and drivers.

A deposit of 40% of the proposal should be paid to validate the trip. The rest of the amount should be sent according to the general conditions.

We accept any kind of online payment option. Except AMEX.

Do you still have a question?

If you still have a question/request/remark, please contact us through our contact form.