Luxury Christmas Travel and Escape by Steam Train
Luxury Christmas Travel and Escape by Steam Train

Luxury Christmas Travel and Escape by Steam Train

Christmas magic and Steamed Adventures

As the frost-kissed breeze whispers through the snow-draped landscapes, we invite you to a journey through the heart of Switzerland’s winter enchantment. Our curated experience awaits, weaving together the charm of festive Christmas markets and the nostalgic allure of steamed adventures, right between Christmas magic and Steamed Adventures.

Christmas Markets: Festive Delights in Switzerland

As the snow blankets the surroundings, our Christmas markets transform
into a winter fairy tale. They creats a magical atmosphere that lingers in
the hearts. Join us for a festive celebration! In Zurich, in Montreux, or some Watch and Cow secret destination!

In the heart of Zurich, the market transforms the city into a winter wonderland. Adorned with sparkling lights, it offers a captivating blend of traditional Swiss crafts. Did you know they had a Swarovski Christmas Tree?

The Montreux Christmas Market, right next to the lake, invites you to explore charming stalls and savor local delicacies. At dawn, the Santa is taking off with his sleigh and reindeer!

Steamed Adventures: A Journey Through Time

If you are already focusing on Summer, close your eyes and hear the rhythmic chug of the locomotive and the gentle glide of a boat.

Aboard the Furka Steam Train, the charming sound of the steamed locomotive harmonizes with landscapes. This particular train offers to passengers a timeless experience that unfolds amidst the majestic Swiss Alps.

But Switzerland is not only about train! You can cross Lake Geneva on a historic steamboat: a serene voyage where scenic beauty merges seamlessly on this iconic Swiss lake.

Whether you choose the gentle way of the boat or the rhythmic clickety-clack of the train, our steamed adventures promise an immersive experience that combines tradition, history, and the breathtaking beauty of landscapes.

Join us as we invite you to discover the magic of Switzerland through these unforgettable steamed journeys.