Swiss Wine Experience: why not trying a private Wine Therapy?
Swiss Wine Experience: why not trying a private Wine Therapy?

Swiss Wine Experience: why not trying a private Wine Therapy?

Wine experiences and magnificent regions

Part of the mountainous landscapes and vineyards beautify the Alps. Useful for the soil structure, their juices are also appreciated on the table.

Only the best knows that Switzerland produces delightful wine. As only 1% of the sales are exported, most of the wine is consumed within Switzerland and that is exactly what keeps Switzerland off the main wine-tasting routes.

So your oenophile clients looking to taste their way through the earthy, late ripening reds of Valais and the wonderfully light Chasselas wines of Vaud; the rare, rich pinot noirs of Graubünden and the merlots of Ticino (the best of which are virtually impossible to buy anywhere else) have to make their pilgrimage in person. And that is what Watch and Cow is about! We are here to creat your path where no one else will go!

Ready to discover our Swiss wine experiences suggested by your Swiss DMC?

Alps wine

tasting like famous wines

Out of trail - Graubünden's wines

Graubünden, mostly known for St. Moritz and its high peaks never stops surprising the travelers (and even the Swiss). With its 400 hectares, this niche wine-growing region benefits from a slatey, lime-rich soil, mild climate, and “foehn wind” region. These conditions are just perfect for the Pinot Noir shoots which were planted by mercenaries and farmer’s sons since the 17th century.

Far quieter and more off the beaten trail than its western counterparts, the viticulture is strongly sustainable, with winemakers respecting the soil, and the environment and working to achieve their “Biovision 2020”, a transition to organic wine production across the region.

A must-see for visitors: the Rhaetian Railway. This train is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and weaves through the breathtaking landscapes of the Swiss Alps, passing several engineering marvels, including the iconic Landwasser Viaduct, and providing passengers with a scenic journey through alpine valleys and charming villages.

Geneva, a city of wine

Geneva, the Swiss city hosting the UNO main Office, presenting the best Swiss watch brands, key city of the rich Protestantism history and… vineyards! Surprising, isn’t it? Well, as your Swiss DMC, we have the best out-of-the-path address for your clients.

With panoramic views of the Alps as a backdrop, we love to invite guests to explore Geneva’s villages and vineyards on an authentic and utterly unique private e-Tuk Tuk tour, accompanied by an experienced guide. Ranging further around the lake, your guests travel through a fairytale setting of quaint villages and ancient castles.

This experience is a wonderfully personalized way to enjoy a behind-the-scenes reveal of winemaking and to savor the richness of the region in perfect harmony with the incredible setting. Your guests will learn all about wine production. A local guide and a wine producer will guide them through the fascinating process from grape to glass.


incredible wines surrounding the city

Dalai-lama grapes

Did you know that the Dalai Lama owns a small vineyard in the world? Did you even know this vineyard was in Switzerland?

Gifted by the former owner in the summer of 1999, the tiny vineyard of Farinet has just 3 vines, whose produce is blended with good local vintages offered by other owner-winemakers to create around 1,000 bottles a year, which are sold to raise funds for children’s charities.

Smallest vine

and an interesting history


Available in both Valais and Vaud regions, a Tavolata is a fabulous gastronomic experience that connects guests over good food and fantastic wines in the spirit of conviviality and good humor.

Held in the heart of the vineyards with the mountains rising all around, your guests will join a selection of other visitors around a huge outdoor table to enjoy a 5-course menu.

Social dinner

in the middle of the mountains

Wine therapy

Still, wondering if your clients would prefer a wine tasting or a relaxing day? Well, your Swiss DMC has the solution! Why not do it all in one?

Comfortably installed in a bathtub, your clients can enjoy and astonishing view of the Lavaux and Lake of Geneva surrounded by the Alps. Full of grape marc and grape juice, the treatment softens the skin and relaxes even the most stressed people.

Relax and Wine

for epicureans only

Your Swiss DMC

We are a Swiss DMC specializing in FIT. We mostly work with agencies, but if you are reading this as an individual traveler, we can also design a tailor-made tour for you.

Our services are all high-end and include the best possible accommodations and transportation. All thanks to our amazing team of Cow-Workers.

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