The legacy of a unique Olympic host: Switzerland
The legacy of a unique Olympic host: Switzerland

The legacy of a unique Olympic host: Switzerland

Attending the Paris 2024 Olympic Games? Sports fan? Discover the Olympic Tour

Close to Paris, Switzerland is a land rich in sporting heritage, hosting numerous international sports organizations, including the International Olympic Committee (IOC). At Watch and Cow, we invite you to extend your European adventure by exploring either the Olympic City of Lausanne and its surroundings, St. Moritz and Cortina with their illustrious Olympic history, or both remarkable regions. Discover how you can embark on or end your unforgettable Olympic Tour of Summer 2024 amidst a blend of exhilarating sporting experiences and cherished Swiss traditions.

Olympic Capital Tour

Olympic Museum

Visite an awarded museum

Lausanne: The Olympic City

Perched on the hills overlooking Lake Geneva, Lausanne offers a quintessential Swiss panorama of mountains and water.

Crowned as the world’s best small city, Lausanne exudes dynamism and vibrancy.

From its charming historic center to the glistening lakeshore, you’ll discover the city’s deep-rooted connection to sports.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) calls Lausanne home, and the adjacent Olympic Museum boasts a captivating view from its gardens.


From 1500m to 3000m in 15 minutes with a high-speed cable car!
At an altitude of 3000m, you can breathe clean air, walk on a vertiginous bridge and enjoy summer alpin coaster.
Have you ever imagined walking on a glacier? Well, you can do it too.

Walking in the air

Experience the unparalleled thrill of walking literally over the picturesque landscape.

Gruyères Castle

Step into the heart of this medieval masterpiece. Gruyère is the name a region which gaves the name to the world famous cheese!

Swiss Culture

Apart from the olympic energy and dynamism, Switzerland will offer you great moments of peacefulness.

Swiss traditions and old towns offer you a travel through time while enjoying world famous recipes such as Swiss Chocolate or Swiss Cheese.

And what about trying to produce your own?

St-Moritz 1928, 1948 / Cortina 2026 tour

Olympic history: between past and future

Only 13 cities have hosted the Olympic Games more than once! St. Moritz welcomed them in 1928 and 1948. Visit this historical village where you can still see vestiges of incredible memories.

From the past to the future, Cortina will host the next Winter Olympic Games in 2026. The city is preparing itself to welcome the world to this incredible event.

Nestled among the Dolomites, this Italian village has a lot to offer.

Olympic Games in St. Moritz

St. Moritz welcomed the Olympics twice: in 1928 and in 1948.


of biking tracks

Sport in nature

The region of St. Moritz owns the only national park of Switzerland, the perfect place to ally Sport and Nature.

Electric bikes can allow you to reach any moutain pass while being adapted to your level.

The view on the top is only waiting for you.

Comfort and relax

The boundless energy of an event such as Paris 2024 can be tiring. In addition to being a quiet town, St. Moritz hosts extraordinaries palaces which propose unique Spas. Completed with exceptional services, St. Moritz is the perfect place to enjoy life at one’s own pace.

Hotel and Spa

Nature, peacefulness and high-end services

and much more...

All our “Inspirations” tours are suggestions. We care about your satisfaction and make sure to suggest the right activities. Every tour is personalized. This means that we can shape these previous suggestions as you wish.
Visiting Lausanne and St. Moritz is also completely doable.
For 2, 4, or 10 persons, for families, friends, or couples, we would love to help you craft your next trip to Switzerland. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

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